SCTikis has now been in business well over a decade.  In 2005 Will gave up a career in finance to pursue carving full time.

Over time  SCTikis has been fortunate enough to attract several large customers including Trader Vic’s in Scottsdale, several Trader Joes locations, and the Fort Group Development company who wanted (17)  8-9 footers for their Texas A&M location.


The popularity of Will's work has grown with each passing year, and his Tikis can be found all over Santa Cruz, most notably at Pleasure Point, a Surf City landmark where his giant Jay Moriarty Memorial Tiki stands watch over the local surfers.

Here is a tiki that I carved for the downtown Santa Cruz Trader Joes. It used to be right next to the free sample station. Often, while shopping, I would overhear people commenting on how cool this tiki is.

Check out several of the tikis that I carved for student housing outside of Texas A&M. These tikis were special since they all had to be different. Something else unique about these pieces is that everyone is cut in half and cored out. This enables me to wrap them around a metal pole and secure them. Since my carvings are quite deep, it is impossible to compute the structural strength. The only way developers can use them in their building is to treat them as trim surrounding solid supports. As far as I know, I am the only carver currently cutting in half and coring out large logs. This is quite complicated since it involves using a remote controlled mill which can be programmed to execute several cuts millimeters apart.

These are three large tikis that were created for Trader Vic's Scottsdale. They tell a story and represent different levels of drunkenness, the first one is sober. It is rather angry after a hard day at work and is impatiently waiting for a drink. The next one has had a few and is loosening up, hence the wide open mouth talking story. The last tiki in line went a little overboard is starting to lose it, you can tell by the tongue hanging out of its mouth.